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Irlen Syndrome  

or Scotopic Sensitivity Syndromeis a perceptual dyslexia which results from distortions created as the signal from the eye travels down the opic nerve and is processed in the brain. Light is made up of different wavelengths. As the visual information is processed, specific light wavelengths can cause distortions which the brain attempts to correct, but since the distortion is not the result of visual acuity, the brain works unsuccessfully resulting in the individual becoming fatigued, 

experiencing headaches and not being able to decode clearly the information coming in.  Black print on white paper is especially difficult for some and the distortions can be severe. Helen Irlen, a school psychologist in Long Beach, California invented a way of helping correct the distortions allowing individuals to finally see visual information accurately. For more information, see the Irlen Clinic of Oregon website or the Irlen Institute International website.

Dr. Richardson is a Certified Irlen Diagnostician and Director of the Irlen Clinic of Oregon. 

Information and graphics are from works of Helen Irlen.

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All rights reserved.

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