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COVID-19 Delirium & Trauma:

An Act of Compassion; An Act of Love

Over many years, I have given others ideas to use and discover more. Perhaps this one will be of value to those who care for SARS and comatose patients, and those who suffer severely. So, to the ICU nurses and professionals, I give this to you to find one thing “You can change.”

  • Have the families of those who are in the ICU suffering from SARS record on an MP3 encouraging, loving messages, have them record reading stories of hope,
  • Have the caring ICU nurse record reassuring statements so the patient can understand that they are on a ventilator, to relax, and to breath, and
  • Have their minister or priest (if they are religious) record messages of hope.

Put these together so they can be listened to by the patient. This is not something that can be mass produced. It is a labor of love and compassion given freely to those who are struggling to survive.

This plus the touch of a human hand may be the difference between life and death. I have no proof that it will work, but it definitely won’t hurt.

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