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Beyond the DSM-V:

A Matter of Balance

Rory Fleming Richardson, Ph.D., FICPPM, ABMP

What we call psychiatric conditions are the result of traits and abilities we have too much or too little of to function effectively in everyday life.

The ability to detach from ourselves allows us to empathize. But if we detach too much, we dissociate.

The ability to be tenacious and "stay the course" allows us to accomplish tasks. But if it is too high, we become obsessed and unable to make changes.

Gifts or abilities we are born with or acquire can be double edged swords. Depending on the environment and how they are directed, they can either immobilize/defeat us or, if properly directed in the right environment, can help us meet our goals.

The neuroscience and physiology of these traits and abilities intermingled with our interaction with the world around us drive these elevations and deficits. The key is if the thoughts, emotions and behaviors are within a scope of balance so one can function.

The world is relatively accepting. We can be out of balance as long as we:

Don’t harm anyone (including ourselves) &

Don’t scare the natives.

Copyright © 2012, Rory Fleming Richardson

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