Rory Fleming Richardson, Ph.D., ABMP, TEP - Clincial Medical Psychologist & Neuropsychologist

Licensed Psychologist, Missouri;
Licensed Psychologist, Oregon; 
Registered Psychologist (Clinical, Counseling & Health) by HCPC, United Kingdom; Board Certified Medical Psychologist, ABMP; Board Certified Psychodramatist/Trainer

I am available for teleconsultations for international cases. I will also be providing psychological services directly as a psychologist at the Greater Ozark Rural Psychologists clinic in Mansfield, Missouri. 

For arrangements to schedule training programs and workshops, please contact me at [email protected]

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 128
Seymour, Missouri 64746

Upcoming Events:
  • Law & Psychology Tutorials
  • Acquired Cumulative Systemic Neurotoxic Effect & Treatment Options
  • Integrated Care Sociodrama/Psychodrama Training
  • Psychodrama Training for Physicians
  • Psychodrama Training for Attorneys
  • Psychodrama Training Workshops
  • Environmental Neuropsychology & Neurotoxicology
  • Learning from the Ancients

Please feel free to check out my short articles at:

Rory Fleming Richardson, Ph.D., ABMP, TEP
Clinical Medical/Health Psychologist & Neuropsychologist

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